What Is Dogging?

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Construction work is a difficult job to manage. You have to take care of everything from workers moving to maintenance and handling of heavy equipment. Health and safety is also a major concern when any type of construction in going on. You have to be vigilant and alert for any unforeseen situations. In this relation dogging Adelaide comes to place. Let’s see what dogging is. Now dogging is done by dogman who is trained to review the situation of equipment and also select which type of equipment will be used to lift heavy loads. He is also responsible to direct the way that where the load be taken from and dropped at. 

At any construction site you will see people handling huge cranes and lifting loads. There you will find a person who is sending all the directions and also slinging the load so that the load can be put at a safe place. For example you are a project manager and you are over seeing everything that is happening at a construction site. The dogman is there but the way he is taking the load is just not up to the standards of safety. So if anything happens the project manager becomes responsible and a liability. 

For dogging to be performed a license is required which is given after a set of training is complete but if there is no dogman and the dogging work is required then below mentioned things are necessary to see: 

  1. The load that should be lifted is to be done by someone who has the capability and understanding.
  2. The method used for making the load sling has to be done by someone who is capable.
  3. Working with loads to lift must be done by someone capable.
  4. Any type of load that is carried out should be supervised by a capable supervisor. 

You see how important it is for a dogman to perform dogging so that any work required can be done in a systematic way. Of course training is required to perform these activities and the time to do training is needed when you have to work on construction site.

Now in this training a dogman becomes a professional in 5 days and in those days he will be able to learn and command the lifting of loads so that any work that is given will be secured. 

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